Quai 54 is not only the world’s biggest outdoor basketball event,

but also the only streetball tournament to invite teams from all over

the planet to compete for world supremacy.


Since its inception in 2003, Quai 54 has expanded to include all aspects

of basketball culture, with a spectacular dunk contest, attendance

in the thousands, live music performances, prestigious guests and

the best outdoor players from over ten countries battling

in stunning Parisian settings.

The 2016 Event

The 13th edition of the Quai 54 World Streetball Championship was canceled

by the Paris Police Commission, as a result of persistent terrorist threats against France and the deadly attack perpetrated in Nice on July 14th.


Quai 54 would not let fear dictate its actions, and held a series of

“Quai 54 Friends & Family” games at Hoops Factory on July 24th in Paris

with some of the teams that were scheduled to play in the tournament.

Just for the love of the game. Stay tuned for a short video edit of the games.

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